Interior design

Colombe offers complex interior design services. Working with reliable renovation crews, we supervise the project at every stage. We provide a range of selected finishing materials, such as paints and floors, equipment, kitchen furniture, wardrobes, doors, wainscoting and furniture made in our carpentry, upholstery and metalworking studios. Taking care of every detail, we design and make doorknobs, handles and fittings. Our sewing studio makes curtains, Roman blinds, bedspreads, lampshades and other elements of interior decoration.

Inspired by traditional techniques, we use mostly natural materials, paying attention to every detail and quality of finish, as well as making sure that the character of the interior is in harmony with its surroundings. We import antique furniture from France, which we renovate and restore using materials typical of a given period. We also assist our clients in the selection of paintings and sculptures, so as to create a convincing and consistent effect.